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What is a Home Inspection?

A general home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of the property. At the close of our inspections we invite our clients and Realtors to meet us at the property to walk the dwelling and discuss in detail our findings. Our goal is for our clients to walk away from the inspection confident and knowledgeable so they can move forward with a  plan of action. 

We take an Innovative Approach

Our expertise goes further than your average inspector because we pride ourselves in using state of the art equipment, extensive continuing education to keep up with today's codes, and a long list of certifications in fields many do not.

Our inspections start out at $375.00, and all of our inspections include: (see pricing below)

  • A full home inspection with a 45+ page report on deficiencies found in the building with pictures. One the most detailed reports on the market. 

  • A thermal imaging inspection of the building with the use of a infrared camera. This camera is use to detect hidden water leaks and electrical issues in homes.

  • A foundation inspection with the use of a level. This is the same tool a structural engineer would use.

  • A visual pest infestation inspection.

  • A visual mold inspection.

  • Gas leak inspection and detection.

  • We also provide septic inspections, and pool and spa inspections for additional cost.

Home Inspection prices below:


Home Inspection Services

Condominium Home Inspection Size of 500 sq.ft. - 1500 sq.ft. $375

Residential Home Inspection Size 1000 sq.ft. - 1500 sq.ft. $400

Residential Home Inspection Size 1501 sq.ft. - 2900 sq.ft. $400+

Residential Home Inspection Size 2901 sq.ft. - 3500 sq.ft. Call for pricing

Residential Home Inspection Size 3501 sq.ft. - 4000 sq.ft. Call for pricing

Residential Home Inspection Size 4001 sq.ft. - 5000 sq.ft. Call for pricing

Size 5001 sq.ft. +Call for pricing

Pier & Beam Crawl Space

Pier & Beam Crawl Space Size 2500sqft or less    $50

Pier & Beam Crawl Space Size 2501sqft or more $75

3000sqft + Call Lakeside Inspections.

Pool/Spa Services

Pool/Spa Inspection with Home Inspection $100

Pool/Spa without Home Inspection $150

Septic Services

Septic Inspection with Home Inspection $100

Septic Inspection without Home Inspection  Service Not Provided

Termite Inspection Services

Visual termite Inspection with Home Inspection - No Written Report visual termite inspection identifying all visible termite activity.  This visual inspection is free with the purchase of a home inspection and does not include a written report. Free

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